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Amazing... Facebook Group Poster | marketing automation robot

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Amazing... Facebook Robotic Assistant Tool

you can install your selft with .net 3.5 framework and winrar software


Facebook Robot Works As Your facebook auto marketing assistant. 
Its very Fast and amazing Performance. 

Read below given features. 

Photo Poster :- This tool helps anyone to post images to unlimited groups.Just keep images in a folder on desktop and attach from browse button.Clicking on start and method 1 or method 2 will start your campaign. 

Joiner :- This Tool helps anyone to join unlimited facebook groups with related keyword search. Just type your desired keyword and start sending requests to the groups of related keywords. 

Status Poster :- This tool helps anyone to post your status to unlimited groups with selected delay time very smartly. 

Link Poster :- This tool helps anyone post links/urls on unlimited groups with featured images .just put your link and add.Press start and choose method 1 or 2 to start posting links. 

Friend Poster:- This tool helps anyone to post url/text/images to all of your friends timeline one by one with selected delay time in a very smart way just like a human. 

Facebook Emails:- This tool helps anyone to collect facebook emails data and you can use them to send emails . This is surely authentic live data which is the backbone of marketing field. 

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